Learn Mohiniyattam In Bangalore

This course will initially teach the understudies on hypothetical learning about the antiquated traditional move type of Kerala, Mohiniyattam or move of the conjurer. It will acquaint with understudies well ordered to the various grown-ups or foot developments required close by the distinctive hand motions. Altogether, the understudies will find out around 80 adavus or steps other than 24 hand signals or mudras. Understudies will likewise get prepared on delineating 6 unique characters, extending from a creature like the elephant, creepy crawlies, for example, the honey bee or a legendary character as God or others. The perfection of the course will guarantee the understudies are in great stead to play out a 10-minute execution displaying their aptitudes in Mohiniyattam.

On the off chance that the understudy needs to adapt more bits of knowledge on the Basic's of Mohiniyattam like fundamental adavus, steps or foot developments, close by mudras or hand signals, here is the course by sreejaya: Basics of Mohiniyattam.
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